Kelly von Hemert is curating her molinillo collection. She’s not in actual posession of any, but looks at the pictures of them alot on Does that count?

 She freelanced the food column for OC Weekly from 1996-2000 and writes restaurant reviews for Riviera Magazine  since 2000.

She thanks you for visiting, reading and leaving comments on!


11 Responses to “”

  1. Kim Kiehler Says:


    I can not wait to go. Next time I am over there…. it is a must.
    your words have me salivating and I am always into to trying new things!

    You are a great writer! You definately need to branch out and write more! Write articles for Sunset Magazine.

  2. Valerie Sullivan Says:

    I cannot wait to try a sea salt coffee. I am always looking for new things to try, so thanks for sharing….

  3. Deb Romero Says:

    We love 85 Degrees and have been going there since right after it opened. The sea salt coffee is a real treat-why did my doctor have to decaffenate me? My favorite pastries are the cheddar filled rolls and the buttery twist with the garlic, cheese and green onions on top. They have wonderful almond squares and coconut. Their dough is typically slightly sweet even for the savory pastries. I found that I can’t get my heart set on a particular pastry before going in because they often run out even though they bake all day long. We took our friend who is a Chinese professional chef who was enamored with the incredible moon cakes and the beautiful purple and white taro rolls. Very traditional Taiwanese and the line is always out the door. Incredible find and so worth the wait.

  4. Lisa Leandro Says:

    Love your blog. I want to make the soup!

  5. Nancy Finley Says:

    You know I love your writing. Did I really just read “pendulous beauties” in your description of a butternut squash?!” I especially enjoyed the eating local twist! So very Barbara Kingsolver of you.

  6. Mishelle Shaw Says:


    Thank you for sending this to me. I am starting to get more into cooking at home and love trying new recipes. The Butternut Squash Soup sounds amazing. I love making soup and will try it for sure.

  7. Jeff & Laura Musgrave Says:

    Kelly, keep the great reviews coming!!!

  8. Steve Smestad Says:

    Kelly von Hemert? Wait, wait. Don’t tell me. I know this one. Fun blog! I’ve bookmarked it. Have you ever reviewed Rutabegorz? It’s one of Maryann’s and my faves on the count of we got engaged at the one in Fullerton.

  9. LeeLums Says:

    Kelly, we will follow you anywhere on the planet! Your review of The Haven in orange was spot on! We are so happy that your blog introduced us to this warm, fun loving pub, with organic food & french fries!!! A little something for everybody! Tell me more where should we go next!

    love this blog!

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