Baconista Bunch

The latest outpost of Orange County’s D.I.Y. burger movement,  Anaheim Hills- based Slater’s 50/50 has caught the eye of the online bacon belt. Of all the niche bloggers out there, few are as  doggedly fetishistic than those who spend their hours devoted to online bacon commentary. But bacon recipes, bacon haiku and depraved bacon-themed videos will have to wait, there’s heavy porcine theming going on at Slater’s. The folks at can’t get enough of them.  And the people at Moorpark-based will likely become fans if they take a break  from feverishly filling orders for  this nifty wallet, and pay them a visit.            


Slater’s signature burger is fifty percent ground  beef and fifty percent ground bacon topped with an over medium fried egg.  It’s a zaftig affair, pink and voluptuous with the full-flavored savory stickiness and mouthfeel of breakfast sausage. The detonation of the egg gives the burger a pleasant spurt, Grand Slamwich-like in execution, but stacked higher so that you have to unhinge your maw like a death adder to encompass the unwieldy girth of the thing.         

 But the obsessive employment of non-kosher goodness doesn’t stop with the burger. There’s macaroni and cheese : tender pasta elbows enveloped in mild Gruyère funkiness and stippled with flecks of bacon for a  meaty smokiness throughout. And baconaise, bacon salt-infused mayo, is pretty tasty stuff, though a small ramekin of it probably packs more sodium than a bloody mary.            

Baconaise on the side. Do it.

After all the bacon hype, I  couldn’t resist the pork free Flamin’ Hot:  A one-third pound  jalapeño-flecked cayenne-perfumed premium beef patty  with wispy fried onion strings, fire roasted green chilies, pepper jack and chipotle mayo. It’s lip-stinging infernal carnality shimmers with heat alleviated only slightly by the absorption powers of a buttery crusted spongy bun the size of a Max Factor powder puff.        

 Slater’s stocks a condiment called J&D’s Bacon Salt (motto: Everything should taste like bacon!) on every table. Sprinkling it on my bacon-riddled goods seemed a little bit like following a C. C.  straight up with a Glenfiddich chaser, but I’d love to try it on popcorn.  6362 East Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 714.685.1103. Dinner for two, 25.00, food only.


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4 Responses to “Baconista Bunch”

  1. Mr. Bill Says:

    No one else can make food sound so erotic. Food porn by Galley Girl! What I need to know is how you can eat these sink-the-submarine calorie bombs and remain so trim. Maybe ChasinZane is better than a day at Curves.

  2. Aunt Julie Says:

    My very fave is a good burger and you’ve made this sound like the best! But, no thank you to the egg on top variety.
    As Mr. Bill says: How do you remain so trim tasting all these yummies??
    Love your reviews!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Is there no end to the lengths people will go, for that depraved gustatory high that comes with excess? I mean, equal parts beef and bacon with an egg topper – insane, and probably insanely delicious.
    One’s circulatory system cries out, “Stop! stop!” while the taste buds shout, “More! More!.” Slaters is a must try, at least once.

  4. katexmcfly Says:

    you had me at baconaise

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