If your schedule is amenable to taking coffee breaks in the vicinity of Garden Grove, by all means, take a skateboard,  fixie or Ellipti-go to Viet-Parisian bakery Pierre’s Patisserie and Boulangerie. Though the latter mode of transport will make you look like a human Jackalope galloping across the ruddy, baked asphalt of Little Saigon, it will be necessary to combat butterfat the likes of which you haven’t seen since you sat in the dark watching Julie and Julia, wishing your Edward’s popcorn were doused with Plugra instead of beta carotene-colored oil that resembles Bain de Soleil  Tanning Gelee.Authentic pastry chefs don’t ration out thimble-sized portions of butter like fastidious kindergarten teachers stingily administering glue during a craft session. Lest you forget, here’s a little pastry chef 101: before baking, the pastry dough rectangle has a butter block the size of an FAA-approved flotation device sealed inside, and then, with more roll-outs than an anti-cellulite spa treatment and more folds than an origami crane, voilà! You’ve got dough!

Glossy apple galettes, lacquered dark chocolate-filled croissants, crackly palmiers and chewy, slightly sweet almond-studded marzipan balls revealing a cherry center are just a few of my faves. The specialty cakes are like those spammy Snopes-refuted ‘YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS’ emails from dad and his cronies; they look good on the outside, but the content?  Notsomuch. Try the ethereal sugar-studded pastry puffs next to the register with a sip of sweetened condensed milk-laced espresso.  Featherweight baguettes as long as Louisville Sluggers hot from the oven and are just $1.35. Pierre Boulangerie and Patisserie 14354 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove, CA. 714.418.9098. Coffee break for two, $10.00.<script type=”text/javascript”>
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2 Responses to “PIERRE RAID”

  1. katex Says:

    I have this trick where I squint my eyes and shake my head around while reading this so that turns into “eating these pastries helps to reduce cellulite.” the puff of smoke where i was standing before roadrunnering it to lil’ saigon.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I’ve tried Pierre’s baguettes and pastries and they are everything you say they are: fantastic! Well worth the trip to GG.

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