Chilling Station

I’ve come to the grim realization that my personal assistant, whom I haven’t seen in months, may never be coming back. And now they’re saying I might have never even had one. Eerie. Got to sort that one out. In the meantime, I’m a sucker for establishments that eradicate several nagging errands at once, especially if I can make a lunch date out of it!


A MARKET 'oreos'.

Has the assistant you never had disappeared? A lot of this going around. Pastry chef Shelly Register will hook you up at the one-year-old former filling station-turned-sandwich shop, gourmet food purveyor, newstand and coffee-house known as A Market.

Where else in OC can you get a dozen red velvet cupcakes, holiday hostess gifts, boutique wines (a bottle of luscious Bitch Grenache for that special someone?) and pick up hand crafted dinners with easy parking?AMARKET 016

While you’re there, stay for lunch. Register’s sandwiches are gorgeous and fastidiously proportioned. No wayward gobs of mayo here. My personal fave: lightly toasted artisanal corn marble rye with slices of juicy bird, micro-planed avocado, a whisper of arugula and a thinly spread layer of honey mustard and pear marmalade served with dainty house-made coriander, clove and red pepper flake-laced pickles.

Register’s giant ‘oreos’ that were so popular at The Camp’s Village Bakery are back along with lily pad sized chewy, sugar-flecked ginger-molasses cookies. A Market 3400 West Coast Hwy., NB 949.650.6515. . Lunch for two, $23.00, food only.


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2 Responses to “Chilling Station”

  1. Lana Harwood Says:

    galley girl, your tempting description of sandwiches, cup cakes and wine at Shelley Register’s ‘Market’ is enough to make landlubbers like me head for the beach, Newport Beach that is. I love the idea of having lunch. selecting a gift or two for friends and bagging a fresh dinner entree for later, all in one fell swoop. Talk about multi-tasking! Thanks for the tip!

  2. katex Says:

    You are killing me!

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