Turkish Latte by Ashley

When Martin Dietrich opened Kéan Coffee, it was a huge day for our caffeinated coast. Diedrich lovingly treats coffee beans as what they are: food. Yet he doesn’t compromise what we all love: style. The result is heady, complex performance art. Kéan’s superlative baristas personally stylize each cup coaxing perishable tobacco-hued espresso crema and meringue-textured micro foamed milk into rosettes, hearts, exotic palm fronds, rabbits and even Pac Man on the surface of your latte, no extra charge! Last time I was there, a woman with maniacal Dan Zane’s-like hair asked for and received a Piero Fornasetti sun motif. Next up: The Lord’s Prayer on a patch of Macchiato foam. Kéan Coffee 2043 Westcliff Drive, NB 949.642.5326. 13681 Newport Ave. Ste. 14, Tustin. 714.838.5326. Coffee and snacks for two, $13.00.


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One Response to “Baristacrats”

  1. katex Says:

    There’s a joke about angels on a pin head somewhere in here, I just know it. Heady complex and sexy… another notch on the coffee-men continuum!

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